Climate Change: Top Picks for COP 15 News


Photo by Maltesen

With the United Nations Climate Change Conference less than 2 weeks away many of our favourite sites are buzzing with COP 15 campaigns, facts, stories and analysis.

Here is a shortlist of our top picks for online climate change news and action:


Treehugger has some great articles outlining the need-to-know facts about the upcoming climate talks. Check out this COP 15 crib sheet outlining the main stakeholders and issues up for debate. There’s also the COP 15 Pre-Game Coverage hub which features posts and the latest news leading up to the Copenhagen meeting.


Also check out Grist’s A Gristy Guide to the COP15 Climate Talks. Filled with lots of helpful information and entertaining articles, Grist will have staff posting directly from Copenhagen during the climate summit.

The Ecologist

This British magazine has a handy Copenhagen in 60 seconds article explaining the key facts and figures. While at the site, check out the Ecologist’s full collection of articles and posts related to the Copenhagen event.

Blog Action Day

This year Blog Action Day was held on October 15 and focused on climate change. Over 13,000 blogs from more than 150 countries were submitted and reached an estimated 18 million readers. View the web site for a roundup of the event and collection of featured blogs.

On October 24 people from 181 countries came together at 5200 events around the world to call for action on climate change. More than 22,000 photos from the events have been compiled on Flickr and are accessible from the 350 web site. The site also features easy to understand information on the science of 350 – the number leading scientists say is the safe upper limit for carbon dioxide in our atmosphere measured in parts per million (ppm).

Call the PM and David Suzuki Calls You

The David Suzuki Foundation’s (DSF) Call the PM and David Suzuki Calls You contest encourages Canadians to post videos of themselves phoning Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office to urge him to make Canada a leader at the climate summit. By doing so, participants have a chance to win a phone call from David Suzuki himself! The site also features an on-line petition and links to resources on the key issues.

Moms Against Climate Change

A joint initiative of Environmental Defense and Forest Ethics, this campaign is focused on affecting Canada’s role at the climate change summit in December. The site features an effective video and collection of more than 1000 photos of children which will be projected on to walls in Copenhagen and Ottawa during the UN summit.

Do you have a favourite site for COP 15 news and action?

Let us know about it in the comments below.

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