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Hope in Shadows Calendar – a great holiday gift

December 17, 2009

“Daphne’s Grandchildren” by Steven Mayes. The winning photo from the 2009 photography contest.

This year Fairware provided embroidered toques to the Hope in Shadows campaign at cost. The toques will be worn by sellers of the annual Hope in Shadows calendar, a fantastic initiative focused on promoting empowerment and employment on Vancouver’s downtown Eastside.

The calendars are tied in with an annual photography contest and are sold primarily on the streets of Vancouver by homeless and low-income vendors. Vendors purchase calendars for $10 each and sell them for $20, earning $10 on every calendar sold. Free training and support are provided to those interested in managing their own micro-business.

If you can’t find a vendor in your neighbourhood, other options for purchasing calendars are outlined on the Hope in Shadows web site. There’s also a Hope in Shadows book available which features stories behind some of the stunning contest photographs.

Both make a wonderful gift and it’s a great way to support a positive movement in our community. Contact Hope in Shadows for more information.

Ethical & sustainable purchasing around the dinner table

December 15, 2009

This post was written by Tim Reeve of Reeve Consulting and re-posted with his permission. For more great posts, view the full Reeve Consulting Blog.

Photo by

What happens when you bring some of the leading policy makers and practitioners in ethical and sustainable purchasing together over dinner? Lively and informative discussion on maintaining VANOC’s Ethical and Sustainable Purchasing (ESP) momentum, the influence of larger contracts vs. smaller ones, concerns of audit fatigue, as well as the importance of supplier engagement and looking inward at your own practices were all subjects discussed in a recent congregation of Vancouver-based thought leaders.

On November 30th Reeve Consulting hosted an Ethical and Sustainable Purchasing dinner with the goal of facilitating conversation between some of Vancouver’s movers and shakers and exploring the opportunities and challenges facing the ESP movement. (more…)

Passions 2009 – Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation

December 9, 2009

Red silicone wrist bands for Passions 2009, Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation

The Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation discovered an innovative use for silicone wrist bands this fall when they ordered 500 bright red bands from Fairware to use at their annual Passions event, a dinner to raise money for the valuable care the organization provides to HIV/AIDS patients.

Guests were given a red wrist band when they donated $150 to the Food & Nutrition Program. $150 feeds and nourishes one participant living with HIV/AIDS in the Dr. Peter’s Day Health Program for an entire month. Needless to say the wrist bands became a highly desired fashion piece among dinner guests.

Passions 2009 raised more than $93,000 for the Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation. Congratulations!

Entry for David Suzuki Foundation’s Climate Contest

December 3, 2009

We mentioned the David Suzuki Foundation’s (DSF) “Call the PM and David Suzuki calls you” contest in a previous post on our Top Picks for COP 15 News.

This video is Fairware‘s entry to the contest. It features Fairware business owners Denise Taschereau and Sarah White calling Prime Minister (PM) Stephen Harper to express their support for Canadian action on climate change at the upcoming Copenhagen climate talks.

View others phoning the PM on the DSF web site and upload a video of your own! The deadline for entries is December 6.

Give Something Small to Save Something Big

December 1, 2009

We recently completed a stunning batch of recycled content buttons for the Big Wild campaign, a joint initiative of Mountain Equipment Co-op and the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society. The buttons were made in East Vancouver from recycled steel and paper.

Proceeds from button sales will support  The Big Wild,  a community of outdoor enthusiasts working to protect 50% of Canada’s wild spaces. The buttons are for sale at all MEC store locations.

We recommend grabbing a full set for yourself and favourite friends. The graphics are awesome! They’re just the right size to put in a holiday card or use as a stocking stuffer and you’ll be supporting a great cause (they even have a place to write in “to” and “from” ).

Do Something Small to Save Something Big – head out to MEC and pick some up, you’ll be supporting a great cause.

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