Intern Insights: Part 1


Meet Emily, Faiware’s first intern. Never having had an intern, we expected coffee runs, data entry, and mad photocopying and filing skills. It turns out Emily doesn’t do any of these things. Instead we’ve found Emily has a lot of opinions and ideas, and we’ve found many of these really useful. So we’re giving her a weekly post on the Fairware blog. She’s bringing us a seven part series on cool stuff on the internet and free tools that can make your life easier. We’re all going to learn something, so stay tuned.

This week, a lesson in keeping your electronic files and internet finds organized.

Ready, Set, Sync! Never be without your files again.

USB drives beware – having files on the go has a whole new meaning.


Evernote is a dream for anyone who has a million ideas and to do lists going at once. Tired of digging through millions of Word documents? Can’t find that action item written down in your paper notebook? Evernote is like an electronic portfolio/clipboard that allows you to pull all the bits and pieces of your multitasking life together. Create tags and search all your notes at once. Clip and upload everything from documents, handwritten to do lists to cool stuff and media online. The best thing about Evernote is that it requires no software, and is completely online-based, so you can always access your notes, even on your smartphone. And it’s free!


Dropbox is like having your own network and online backup. Forget setting up FTP folders or using file upload sites with links that expire – create your own Dropbox. Drag and drop files from your desktop into the Dropbox folder and have them instantly synced and accessible anywhere online. You can access the files on your smartphone and share them with your contacts. Laptop stolen? Virus? No problem, because Dropbox has your files, photos and everything else backed up.


For both these apps, you’re out of luck if outside the internet grid (this is where USB drives come in handy again).

Until next time,
Emily the Intern

About the Intern:

BCom from UBC. Experience with conference and event planning (and ordering swag!). Strong believer in combining business with social responsibility and a real world idealist. On weekends, volunteers and leads outdoor programs for youth with Scouts Canada. Loves travelling, quirky movies, TED talks, finding what is up-and-coming in the city and people who frequently burst into song. Needless to say – is thrilled to be working with the fantastic Fairware team this summer.

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