Intern Insights: Part 3


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Time is money – How to get rid of timesuckers and be more productive

Last post we talked about saving money, but let’s face it, nothing is more valuable than your time. With Google at your fingertips (Ctrl+E in Firefox by the way for even quicker access to the quick search box!), it is easy to waste half a day accomplishing nothing online instead of researching a report.

Enter Leechblock, your new best friend against internet procrastination.

Your Leechblock friend will hold you where self-control fails, no matter what your addiction is, be it celebrity gossip on Perez Hilton, political blogs on Politico or “Will it Blend” videos on YouTube. And friends definitely don’t let friends Facebook stalk elementary school crushes for 2 hours.

After you enable this Firefox add-on, you can specify which sites to block and customize when you block them. For example, if your personal poison is going on during work, you can block the site from 9am – 5pm, Mon to Fri, and let loose on weekends. Or you can establish time limits, such as only being allowed on Facebook 10 minutes a day. If you try to access specific sites during the block period, or if you have used up your time limit, Leechblock will prevent you from accessing the site, no matter how many times you futilely refresh the page. Conversely, you can also restrict yourself to task-related sites only. Further customization allows “Lockdowns” for 24 hours or more when it becomes mission critical to avoid internet procrastination at all costs. When it comes to staying on task – Leechblock really means business.

Drawback: For the cheaters, you can workaround the Leechblock by disabling it through Firefox options. But then don’t complain about not having enough time – you deserve the stress of procrastination purgatory! Regrettably, this is only for your Firefox. For highly addictive episodes of True Blood or Glee, I wish you good luck. It takes real willpower to tear away from vampires and show choirs.

Until next time,

Emily the Interm

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