3 Tips for Cycling in the Rain


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This week, inspired by two days of downpour in Vancouver, we bring you 3 tips for riding in the rain:

1. Acceptance – You’re going to get wet and that’s okay.

2.  Just get going – Once you’re on your way you warm up, making the trip a lot more comfortable.

3.  Friends – Not sure if it’s the comradery or the competition, but having friends cycle with you makes it more fun (and a more difficult commitment to break).

Of course decent rain gear helps too (but that’s kind of obvious).

Let us know your top tip for riding in the rain!

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One Response to “3 Tips for Cycling in the Rain”

  1. ziffy Says:

    what I have learned about biking in the rain for the last 20 years:

    1. you must buy booties if you plan on biking in the rain. wet feet are not an option here.
    2. forget about the expensive “waterproof” gloves. they don’t exist. and forget about neoprene gloves because your hands will smell. get fleece gloves and then get a shell to go over top. it is pretty waterproof, and it will dry quickly, which is the most important. plus, it is cheap.
    3. if you are a high output cyclist, don’t wear a waterproof shell. instead, wear these three layers: wool undershirt (will not smell and it is oh so cozy), a windshirt, and then a highly water-resistent softshell coat. you will stay drier in this then you would in a waterproof shell.
    4. for the legs, waterproof pants is the only option.
    5. wear as many lights as you can.

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