FAIRWARE CRUSH: Nature’s Path Foods


This month, we’d like to raise a toast—or in this case, a bowl of cereal—to Nature’s Path, a leading manufacturer of organic cereal and granola bars.

In addition to providing consumers with healthy, organic products, Nature’s Path is committed to changing the way we choose our food. They are at the forefront of the Right2Know movement calling for mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods.

The US and Canada have no law enforcing food manufacturers to label products with ingredients that are genetically engineered. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are found in 80% of packaged food in the US, and have serious effects on health, the environment, and farmers’ livelihoods.

We love Nature’s Path – because they don’t take their commitment to change lightly. Not only did they put their money where their mouth is by donating $500,000 to the Centre for Food Safety’s campaign for mandatory GMO labeling, but they have also leveraged their brand for the cause.

At the recent EXPO WEST trade show (the world’s largest and premier tradeshow for the natural, organic and healthy products industry), Nature’s Path gave up valuable brand real estate by draping their counter with a tablecloth that featured not their logo, but a call for action on GMO labeling.

Gathering signatures at the Nature’s Path booth at Expo West.

We work with brands every day and not many companies will give up advertising space to raise awareness for a cause, but Nature’s Path has done this time and time again. At last year’s Right2Know rally, Nature’s Path called on Fairware to produce lime-coloured, mutant-like three-sleeved T-shirts for marchers to wear. The shirts put a fun and fresh spin on a serious question: Shouldn’t genetically modified foods be as easy to spot on grocery shelves?

Mutant 3-Sleeved T-Shirts: If only GMO’s in food were this easy to spot.

It is especially timely to recognize Nature’s Path’s mission statement following the controversy surrounding GMOs found in products made by cereal giant, Kashi. The Kellogg’s-owned brand has come under fire after a small Rhode Island health food store pulled Kashi from their shelves, and subsequently outed the brand on social media for falsely claiming to be all-natural. This stirred a debate on the difference between foods labelled “organic” and “all-natural.” Critics pointed out that Kashi had been getting away with using genetically-engineered ingredients in their foods, because its labeling as “natural” was more open to interpretation than “organic.”

Nature’s Path wants this to change. They believe consumers have a right to know what is in their food, and we agree. A clear label indicating GMOs in foods will allow customers to make an informed decision of what they eat—and hopefully encourage more food manufacturers to produce organically and GMO free.

Nature’s Path’s dedication to its mission statement, its unique take on getting its message to the public, and its continued commitment to providing consumers with organic and GMO Free makes this company deliciously crushworthy in our eyes!

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