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August 30, 2012


We’re big fans of cycling at Fairware. As part of our commitment to healthy, active lifestyles and reducing our own daily environmental impact, we’ve tried to make our workplace cycling friendly. So, when RBC approached us to pitch on creating a product for the rider gift bags that are given to all riders participating in the RBC GranFondo KelownaRBC GranFondo Whistler, and some of the riders participating in the RBC GranFondo Banff – we were psyched.

As cyclists, we knew what we’d want to receive in our rider gift bags. In fact, our co-founder and CEO had already signed up for the 2012 RBC GranFondo Kelowna ride.  In collaboration with the RBC team we landed on a custom branded cycling multi-tool. It was functional, practical and on brand – a true ‘product with purpose’.

GranFondo—loosely translated from Italian means “big ride”—has been a major cycling event across Europe for decades. Participants of varying skill levels sign on for a 100 km-plus ride that tests their physical endurance and their love of the sport. This isn’t an everyday bicycle ride—the route is made up of steep hills, long distances and hordes of other bikers fueling a friendly competition. It is an epic showcase of the growing road biking trend in North America.

We have talked a lot over the past few months about the environmental impact of transporting goods. Making a switch to ocean shipping or local sourcing is one thing, but our obligation to the environment must run deeper than how we run our business. That is why we encourage our staff to implement our corporate mission in their everyday lives.

According to the WorldWatch Institute, a short six km bicycle ride keeps nearly fifteen pounds of pollutants out of the air we breathe. Greenhouse gas emissions from private motor vehicles have risen 35% over the last two decades in Canada. The population, meanwhile, has only grown 19%. Smaller cities such as Kingston, Ontario account for higher emissions than metropolitan cities like Montreal, which recorded the lowest per capita emissions of GHG.

This statistic may seem surprising, but Montreal has always been a trailblazer in encouraging its locals to keep their cars at home. It was one of the first cities to incorporate bicycle lanes in its downtown core. And to give everyone access to a bicycle, the fantastic BIXI Montreal —a bicycle rental service that runs like ZipCar with members being able to borrow a bike at their convenience—has dozens of stations across the city.

Vancouver, British Columbia—where our Fairware office is located—is also leading in its push towards a bicycle-friendly infrastructure. Bike lanes and a moderate climate make it easy for locals to ride to work instead of drive – and some workplaces are taking note. We have equipped our office with indoor bicycle storage and showers—additions that have further helped our staff make the smarter choice of how they get to work. Adding an ‘office lock’ for unexpected trips and a tire pump have helped as well (and there has been lobbying for an ‘office bike’).

Denise uses her RBC multi-tool to set her cleats on her fancy new bike shoes.

With the RBC GranFondo Whistler taking place on Saturday, September 8th, spots are still available if you want to ride! We hope to see these type of events grow (with more scheduled for 2013), and continue to show participants and observers alike that a commute by bike is not only better for your health and the environment—but also a quick, efficient and rewarding way to get to your destination.

Social Media Intern – 4 Month Contract

August 29, 2012

Note: This paid position is for a student intern – you should be considering going back to school or be in a current program to apply.


At Fairware we believe we can change the world through the simple act of buying. We create cool, sustainable swag (‘stuff we all get’) that make powerful statements and tell meaningful stories about the people and the brands we work with. We work with North America’s leading sustainable brands to create unique, ethically sourced custom products made with environmentally preferred materials. You can check us out at

Social Media Strategy and Implementation Intern Position
Preferred Start Date: Sept 4, 2012
End date: December 31, 2012
Total Hours: 420, minimum of 30 hours per week
Wage: $25/hour

Social Media Strategy and Implementation

Fairware is seeking an experienced student to improve our social media presence through augmenting existing platforms and developing and implementing new ones. The intent is to increase awareness of our brand in the social media space, resulting in increased traffic to our website. (new site launched July 2012). The intent is for the student to create strategies which staff will continue to implement and monitor when the student leaves. Utilizing the student to create a framework and structure for the various platforms will allow us to successfully continue developing and growing our social media presence. Student will be provided with designated work station and ongoing training and supervision required to successfully complete the work.

What the job involves:

Existing platforms:

Facebook – create strategy and guidelines/best practice for gaining more followers. Report/teach staff on content and frequency of posts required for optimizing Facebook. In consultation with team, post content a minimum of twice per week. Increase followers, monitor traffic to website from Facebook page.

Twitter – Create and implement strategy for Fairware staff twitter accounts. Grow official Fairware account followers. Monitor traffic from twitter to website.

New Platforms:


Research and develop 6-8 boards in consultation with team and launch account. Coordinate with website developer to integrate account with website. Monitor traffic to website from Pinterest. Grow/monitor number of followers and ‘re-pins’

Video Vignettes:

In discussion with team, create a list of short videos to be made and subsequently uploaded to Fairware website. Subjects to include, Fairware story, product/materials knowledge; case studies. Film minimum of 5 videos and create roll out schedule for uploading to Fairware website.

Skills Required:

Computer; in-depth knowledge of social media; excellent written and communication skills; ability to work in an open office/team environment.

How to Apply:

Please send us a one page letter outlining your relevant experience. Attach it to a resume that captures your related experience and email it to with the words Social Media Strategy and Implementation in the subject line by September 4, 2012. No phone calls please.

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