Give–and you give again.

One here, one there.

One yellow schoolbag full of supplies here, one there–it makes a difference.

Gifts that are useful and delightful are great. What’s even greater? Gifts that are useful, delightful—and helpful to others. Fairware loves Schoolbags for Kids’ “One here, one there” campaign, which offers the perfect way to give a cool gift that gives again.

Schoolbags for Kids (SfK), like Fairware, is a certified B Corporation company, and it’s dedicated to getting school supplies into the hands of children in the developing world who need them. These young ones often face obstacles to formal education that we in wealthier countries can hardly imagine—including struggles to obtain even basic school supplies.


Children from Homes of Hope Orphanage, Secunderabad, India, with their bright yellow schoolbags.

How does SfK help? That’s where you come in. Every time you purchase one of their funky, kid-friendly backpacks—a great gift for any child—SfK donates a school bag full of supplies to a child in Thailand, Belize, or India. The donated bags are made of water-resistant, 600-denier polyester, and are bright yellow to keep the children who wear them highly visible. As these kids must often walk miles along very busy roads to get to school, this feature helps keep them just that much safer.

But this great idea isn’t just for people with kids on their gift lists. Looking for meaningful gifts for the adults in your life? What better gift for a client or colleague than a card saying you’ve made a donation to Schoolbags for Kids on their behalf? Contact Fairware ( and let us set up a great program of schoolbag donations for you this holiday season.

As the saying goes, “It’s all win!”

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