The best way to get mobbed up.

Fairware loves Vanctiy Good Money Mobs.

Fairware loves VancityGood Money Mobs.

Fairware has clients anyone would be proud to work with. It’s one of the great things about the kind of work we do. We’re particularly proud to work with Vancity. Vancity is not just Canada’s largest credit union; it’s an organization committed to sustainability, responsibility, and accountability—and to investing in its community.

We’re Vancity’s promotional product supplier, and we’re particularly in love with their Good Money Mobs. It’s one of the ways in which they live their marketing motto: “We make you good money by putting money to good.” Good Money Mobs involve encouraging a group of people to visit a Vancity-member business together and spend a modest amount of money there, thereby giving a local business a boost. For each Mob, Vancity selects a few of their small-business members, then chooses which business to “mob” via Facebook vote. The latest choice was Salmon n’ Bannock Bistro, which was mobbed on November 2nd. Previous Good Money Mobs occurred at another bistro, East of Main, and at CocoaNymph Chocolates and ConfectionsFairware sourced things like the buttons and t-shirts.

Vancity is involved in and supports a lot of other awesome things. If you live in the Vancouver area, their events calendar is a great resource for discovering interesting, worthwhile community activities.

Good Money Mobs are an idea that needs to spread far and wide. And unlike flashmobs, there is absolutely no choreography involved.  :-)

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