Hidden dangers we can actually fight

Rubber duckies of DEATH!

Rubber duckies of DEATH!

We all remember the nightmare reports — melamine in milk, lead paint on Fisher-Price toys, yet another Toyota recall. Here in North America, we often take product safety for granted, until we’re reminded by scandals like these ones of how fragile it can be. Increasing awareness of product safety and how it can be secured continues to influence Fairware’s own industry in what we think are some positive ways.

The Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) of 2008 now requires American manufacturers and importers of consumer products to show proof of compliance with CPSIA standards by way of third-party testing for lead content and phthalate limits in children’s products. This increased vigilance meant that just last month, US Customs and Border Protection authorities seized a shipment of Christmas-themed rubber ducks deemed to contain too much of the chemical phthalate to be safe for children.

This sort of thing encourages an increase in transparency within the industry supply chain, and it helps us at Fairware do our jobs better. Many manufacturers now include third-party testing results on their websites — making it easier for distributors like Fairware to share product information with our clients. We like this trend, and we expect it to continue in 2013.

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