Fairware Crush: Anonüm Design

Anonum (orange)

Is that the Enterprise on there???


We all hear a lot of talk about “community” these days. It’s thrown around in so many different contexts that it sometimes threatens to become an empty buzzword.

To us at Fairwarecommunity isn’t some trendy, warm-and-fuzzy concept. It means something real and vital. We know that true community requires knowledge and work and the willingness to give and receive support. It’s about defining common goals and working toward them.

Members of our community are frequent sources of Fairware “crushes”. We crush massively on colleagues, suppliers and clients who get what we do and share our values and desire to drive change.

Anonüm Design is a perfect example of a business on which we are proud to have a lovely crush. Anonüm is a Vancouver, BC manufacturer that rethinks the concept of waste and makes beautiful product out of things otherwise destined for landfill.

They take old printing blankets — things that cover the offset cylinder in the printing process for newspapers and catalogues — and make gorgeous computer accessories out of them. Every piece they produce is unique, because each blanket bears the impression of the last printing job for which it was used—so you might find the ghost of a headline on one, that of a picture on another, birth announcements on a third.

Truly, there’s simply nothing like them. We’ve partnered with Anonüm Design to provide custom-branded versions of their cool product. You can find the iPad cover on our site. Check them out.

We think you’ll fall in love, too.

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