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Intern Insights: Part 4

August 5, 2010

YES! Opportunity to post a shark picture taken! (Flickr/hermanusbackpackers)

Emily the intern is back from a month long vacation. “What?!? Interns get vacations?” you’re asking. I know! Geez.

Anyway, Emily’s back at Fairware and well-rested. She has a new intern insight for this week focused on free music on the internet. Read on.

Grooveshark gives itunes a run for its money

If you’ve been relying on YouTube to get your music fix, it is time to start swimming with Grooveshark.

Grooveshark in three words? Sharp. Clean. Impressive.

The music streaming website focus on music is spot on with its ocean-predator namesake. It will no doubt get you groovin’ quickly with its “millions of songs” and savable playlists. And yes – it’s free.

Although free online music streaming sites like Pandora or Slacker have been around for a while, Grooveshark’s interface is much more intuitive and straight to the point. There is no need to search for genre “stations” or spend a lot of time customizing to get to the specific songs you like. The genius of the site is that, you can start playing songs right away, even without registration. It allows detailed search of songs or albums by the same artist. You can drag and drop to reorder songs and modify playlists. iTunes enthusiasts will find the similarity useful.

For the music experience connoisseur, the automatic “radio” option is available, allowing Grooveshark to create a playlist for you based on similarities to music you like.

Although free, Grooveshark is not bogged down with clunky ads asking you to go premium and you barely notice the banner ad on the far right of the music player.

The music database is powered by users uploading their own music on to the online library and allowing other users to stream it.

Share links to your playlists with your friends via email/facebook/twitter with no requirements for them to sign up. You can also create a music widget on your website from your Grooveshark playlist. Additional options for paid premium VIP users can stream for free with the smartphone Grooveshark app, as well as a quick launch desktop version ($3/month).

Drawbacks: Few, if any. The only issue is if Grooveshark will face any legal issues in the near future. Unfortunately, like much of the nifty free content on the internet, if you want your songs offline, it is back to the download route.

Yay sharks! (Flickr / Erik Charlton)

Grooveshark gaives iTunes a run for its mone

New Contest: hold music playlist picks

April 5, 2010

Flickr / Seattle Municipal Archives

We have a fun little project on the go and we’re inviting your input. Lately its come to our attention that the Fairware hold music is a little stale…so we’re re-modeling, choosing a completely new set of jams.  We’d like to know what you want to hear!

We don’t put people on hold often, and when we do it’s not for long, which is why every song on the list must be top quality. In the rare occasion that folks are put on hold, we want to ensure the experience is enjoyable.

So far there are only two rules: no muzak and no heavy metal.

And for those of you who’s suggestions we include in the final playlist, we’ll send you one of our fabulous “Product with Purpose” ceramic travel mugs. They’re styled after the MoMA “I am not a paper cup” reusable mugs and are super cool!

Make a recommendation through the comment box below, or tweet us your recommendation by starting your Twitter message with @fairwarepromo.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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