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Pine Beetle Wood – Innovative Uses

June 9, 2010

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British Columbia’s Mountain Pine Beetle infestation is the largest Canada has seen. By 2016 it’s estimated that  65% of the marketable pine wood in the B.C. interior will have died as a result of the outbreak. And 40% of the interior’s forests are pine! Serious damage is being incurred by the forest industry and local communities as well as to the biodiversity and carbon storage capacity of the forests.

How the Beetles Work

Pine beetles lay eggs under the bark of mature lodgepole pines. The beetles introduce a bluestain fungus into the sapwood of the tree that prevents the tree from repelling and killing the attacking beetles with pitch flow. It also blocks water and nutrient translocation within the tree. The joint action of larval feeding and fungal colonization kills the host tree within a few weeks of successful attack (the fungus and feeding by the larvae girdles the tree cutting off the flow of water and nutrients).

The mountain pine beetle is a natural element of British Columbia’s interior pine forests. Normally, cold temperatures, forest fires and natural predators keep populations in check. However, an abundance of mature lodgepole pine combined with recent mild winters and uncharacteristically hot, dry summers have led to an unprecedented infestation.

Forestry Innovation Investment Ltd.

Recognizing a mandate under the government of BC’s Mountain Pine Beetle Action Plan, the Forestry Innovation Investment Ltd. (FII) is focused on developing new product uses and markets for Mountain Pine Beetle wood. We were thrilled when they approached Fairware for pine beetle wood USB drives. Engraved with the naturally wood logo, they were the perfect promotional item for the organization.

Interested in USB drives for your organization? We have an entire collection to choose from. Contact us about custom products like the beetle wood USB drives pictured below. Read more about great products we’ve done for other clients HERE.

Translink cycling patch kits and bands

April 29, 2010

Last year Fairware responded to a request from Translink (the organization responsible for regional transit cycling and commuting options in Metro Vancouver) for products to help promote their alternative transportation campaigns – particularly their focus on encouraging cycling as a complement to public transit.

We came up with some inexpensive & useful products – the bike tube patch kits and reflective bands pictured above. Each patch kit featured a dozen glueless patches, all contained in a pocket-sized metal tin. The reflective bands were made in Canada and featured highly reflective tape on an adjustable Velcro strap.

Did you know that in Vancouver you can take your bike on almost any bus, the Skytrain, Seabus and Westcoast Express commuter trains?

Are you contemplating a Bike to Work week campaign? Or do you want to promote your efforts to get people out of cars and onto bikes? We carry a full range of bicycle accessories, apparel, bags and more. View the full selection HERE.

Read more about Translink’s cycling initiatives HERE.

A minute with the new guy at GLOBE

March 30, 2010

I attended the GLOBE 2010 Trade Fair last week with Stefan, our new Business Development Coordinator. We had a fantastic time cruising “the marketplace for sustainable solutions”. There was so much to look at!

We met reps from alternative energy companies, environmental management firms, green building suppliers, industry associations and more. It was fascinating to hear about the latest and greatest innovations emerging from these sectors.

And because we’re promo product geeks, it was also interesting to see the wide selection of SWAG being handed out by exhibitors.

For a summary of our outing, here’s a minute with the new guy at GLOBE:

Fairware is on Flickr

February 3, 2010

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next set of promotional products, take a look at our new Flickr site. It highlights some of the stylish items we’ve completed for clients in the past.

Give Something Small to Save Something Big

December 1, 2009

We recently completed a stunning batch of recycled content buttons for the Big Wild campaign, a joint initiative of Mountain Equipment Co-op and the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society. The buttons were made in East Vancouver from recycled steel and paper.

Proceeds from button sales will support  The Big Wild,  a community of outdoor enthusiasts working to protect 50% of Canada’s wild spaces. The buttons are for sale at all MEC store locations.

We recommend grabbing a full set for yourself and favourite friends. The graphics are awesome! They’re just the right size to put in a holiday card or use as a stocking stuffer and you’ll be supporting a great cause (they even have a place to write in “to” and “from” ).

Do Something Small to Save Something Big – head out to MEC and pick some up, you’ll be supporting a great cause.

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